Exaust vent with holes that could allow for carbon monoxide (CO) gas to escape.

Home Inspection

An important part of purchasing a home. The purpose is to determine the condition of all working systems of a home and the condition of the structures of the home. The inspection process starts with the outside of the home, beginning with the roof and gutters, chimney, siding, windows and doors. Then moving onto any porches, deck, foundations, walk down basement stairs and coverings. Check for proper drainage around the outside of the home. Inspecting sidewalks and driveways and garage before entering the home. Once inside, going to the basement or crawl space to inspect the foundation and supporting structure along with heating and cooling systems. Also, to include electrical, plumbing and hot water systems. Next to the kitchen and bathroom areas and finishing with bedrooms, living room and attic areas. When an inspection is complete, I will generate a report that will be sent to you by email typically within 24 hours.


Radon Testing

Radon is a safety issue that may exist in the home or business. It can be treated to make the home or business safe, but you need to know first if radon is an issue. But first, let’s start by explaining what is radon? Radon (rn) is an invisible and odorless radioactive gas that comes from decaying uranium underground. The problem develops when the gas gets trapped inside of the home or business, it can reach dangerous levels that can cause lung tissue damage that can lead to lung cancer. The testing will take 48 hours to complete, is then sent to a lab to be tested.  When the results are back, I will send a report by email.


Aerial Drone Inspection

This is carried out to achieve an optimal view of hard to reach areas of the home such as the roof and upper parts of the home that would otherwise be difficult to view. This home inspection service will be weather permitting. This will provide both you and me a better overall view of the property while still maintaining a safe position on the ground.

Water Testing

This is an optional test that can be performed on your property, this will identify any impurities that exist in the water. Some examples that we test for are fecal matter, coliform bacteria, lead, and nitrates.


Mold Testing

Mold can be detected by the following procedures. Tape lift, air samples, and culture swabs. Mold comes in many shapes and sizes, and some can pose a major health risk.

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